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Zhongshan 3A Footwear Co., Ltd. Known as 3A Company, was founded by Mr. Li Jiaping in Macau in 1987. With its headquartered Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province, it is one of the oldest footwear distributors in the industry. 
3A Company currently distributes a number of European brands, including S. T. Dupont men's shoes and their leather goods, MBT, Ostrich, WF and URTA. With Coca Cola shoes and Birkenstock added to the lineup recently, style from young to distinguished to meet the needs of different tastes.
Diversified sales channels have been set up and many offices in the northeast, north, southwest and east of China have been set up. Retail shops and franchised shops are located in high-end department stores and shopping malls in major cities and are actively expanding new channels. With the rise of e-commerce, 3A Company has set up an e-commerce department and gradually established a complete network promotion, sales, service, logistics platform and system. Which played an effective role in brand promotion.